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Welcome to Sunrise Japanese JDM Motors, your one-stop-shop in getting JDM Source. Let it be jdm motors, transmissions, engines, front clips, rear clips, jdm complete used cars, complete swaps, parts and accessories for jdm Honda, Toyota, Mazda, Mitsubishi, Nissan, Subaru, we promise that you donít have to look any further. Your solution, search and final destination is right here, right now, at your fingertips.

Sunrise Japanese Jdm Motors, carry a complete line of premium quality used low mileage and best price performance Japanese jdm engines, jdm transmissions, jdm front clips, jdm rear clips, jdm parts, and jdm accessories, imported directly from Japan.

We measure our business and work by quality rather than quantity. We value our customers as individuals, not just as another client standing in line. We customize our service to cover all aspects of your business in order to help you grow on the long-term, not just on the short-term.

We see the future as an opportunity. An opportunity that could be there for all. Let Sunrise Japanese show you the path. It will be a journey that you will never forget, nor ever regret.

JDM Complete Engine Swaps Includes* JDM Motor, JDM Transmission, Engine Wiring harness, All required cables, ECU, Distributor, Complete intake manifold, exhaust manifold, Power Steering Pump, Alternator, A/C, All brackets and sensors.

Sunrise Japanese carry jdm Honda motors, jdm Nissan motors, jdm Mazda motors, jdm Mitsubishi engines, jdm Toyota engines and jdm Subaru engines. All our engines are taken out of running cars and have between 30-60 thousand miles. We can always get special jdm orders from Japan.

We have in stock Japanese used Engine Swaps for Jdm Skyline, Silvia, 180SX, Fairlady / 300ZX, Pulsar GTiR, Jdm RX7, Jdm Supra, Celica GT-Four, MR2 GT, Soarer, Levin, Aristo, Jdm Civic Sir, Crx Sir, Del Sol Sir, Integra, Prelude Sir, Jdm Lancer GSR, Galant, GTO and many more at the very best price.

Front Clip Includes JDM Engines, all electronics and ignition parts, uncut harness, transmission, dashboard, and dash wiring, pedals, odometer, (verifiable miles) radiator, front panels and hood.

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